As we venture into 2016 we have a a few things that will be changing with Cross Roads Radio. Cross Roads will still be live on the air 24/7. We will still be playing all of your favorite music, podcasts, etc. Live365 has been our broadcast partner for 4 years now. Starting back in August of 2012 Live365 was the best choice for us and had been a good way for us to bring to you what you hear. On Wednesday, December 30th 2015, Live365 sent an email to all broadcasters stating that music royalties are changing and putting a huge burden on Live365. Live365 will no longer be able to support us when it comes to music licensing, broadcasting, and streaming on the internet. They also stated it would be in our best interest to look at other avenues in regards to broadcasting. Although we were taken off guard by this email we had no fear about choosing another broadcasting partner allowing us to bring you Cross Roads. Since the email from Live365 we have found a new broadcast partner and will be implementing many new things to what you hear on the air. Keeping the music updated, playing more podcasts and creating better experience for you is only a few things we have thought about. The most important piece of information about this is you will no longer be able to go to Live365's website to find us and listen. You have to come to our website now to be able to listen to Cross Roads. In the months to come we will be developing an App for Apple and Android devices to make to easier for you to listen to Cross Roads and take it with you wherever you go. 

To stay updated with this transition into 2016 and our new adventures, come back to our website, go to our Facebook page, or if you see us around town don't hesitate to stop us!

Thank you for all of your support and looking forward to 2016.

Mark and Sam Newman